JYC BATTERY Held 2023 Employees Mobilisation Meeting

On 22nd February, JYC BATTERY Malaysia factory held an employees mobilisation meeting for 2023. The Chairman and major leaders of the company went to the Malaysian factory to preside over this meeting.

At the meeting, the Chairman said that 2023 is the most critical year for our development. In the face of the severe market situation, we must maintain clear thinking, agile action, and pragmatic measures to pay close attention to production and enhance the production capacity of the Malaysian factory to ensure the supply demand of the overseas market.

In 2018, JYC BATTERY established a factory in Malaysia, officially taking root in overseas development. For 5 years, the Malaysian factory has continued to improve and develop, expanding the production area, expanding production capacity, and grasping quality, ensuring the growth of the overseas business. In the new year, with the end of the epidemic, the development of overseas business is facing huge challenges, and it is even more necessary for the Malaysian factory to support the overseas business, to ensure that the overseas business will be stable and far-reaching.

Through this meeting, the employees of the Malaysian factory were fully motivated to work. The chairman said that through the joint efforts of the two factories, Shaoguan Factory and Malaysia Factory, and uniting and striving according to the new development path, we believe we will be able to do our best and work hand in hand to create good results

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